Space Travel


Two astronauts attempt a dangerous mission on the edge of the universe.

Body Prison

Logline:A young woman living in a body-positive matriarchal space cooperative is sentenced to try a vicious new punishment on a correctional satellite. Summary:In the future, aboard matriarchal space cooperative “Liberty”, women are born and live their lives without the shadow of the patriarchy ...

Boob Cockpit

Titillating Wonders! Mystifying Frights! Astounding Discoveries!Boob Cockpit, a long-lost American science fiction television series follows the adventures of a gravity-defying, Double D class spaceship and it’s plucky Pilot; escaping booby traps at every turn.


Scott’s night is thrown into chaos when an alien spaceship crash lands into his proposal picnic.


Two convicts in an orbital prison are doing what they usually do, which is to say, not much.Suddenly, two panicked guards armed to the teeth burst into their cell.The guards tell them that the orbital prison has just been invaded by blood-thirsty zombie-type creatures.If they want to survive, their ...


A husband and wife face a life-threatening situation aboard their spaceship. With only one escape pod left, they must decide who lives and who dies in 'Debris.'

Descendants of Order 66 - A Star Wars Fanfilm

In May 2006, three friends left for Tunisia to make their own STAR WARS film. Seven days later they returned with dirty clothes and a few video tapes. But the adventure of a lifetime had just begun. After 16 years in the making and shot in the original Star Wars locations of Tunisia, Italy, Malaysia...

Doctor On Display

The amazing story of how a small, sleepy town in Wales became a centre of DOCTOR WHO fandom!


Story summary: Human beings are forced to transfer due to various reasons, focusing on the final plan to go to the mechanical planet. The last immigrant spacecraft went to the mechanical planet. When it arrived, the alien “satellite” had reached the end of its service life. The self-destruct pro...


Earthling is a ten-minute animated documentary about Jack Weiner, a grown man whose entire life has been shaped by being abducted by aliens when he was young, a life story nobody believes. In the summer of 1976, Jack Weiner, along with his twin brother Jim, and two friends went camping in Maine’s...


An 18-year-old college student is forced by his mom to bring along his little brother on a school newspaper assignment about mysterious deaths at a ranch. While at the farm they discover something unworldly that changes life as they know it.

Flying Submarine

Jonathan, a four-year-old cuban boy, meets his father and grandfather while they're fixing washing machines from the 19th century in an abandoned laundromat. As he plays with one of the old equipment, Jonathan pictures himself in a flying submarine that travels in time and his family embraces the ch...


A lost research ship discovers what happened to earth.


In a snowy, mountainous region, a laboratory sits at the side of one of the tallest mountains. Scientists worked in the lab alongside their robots who took care of a powerful orb. One day, something went wrong, and the laboratory was abandoned for many years. Circa 2100s, a young scavenger breaks in...

It Was Up There

The true story of a couple who are driving through an unpopulated region of the New Mexico desert when they see something unexplainable up in the night sky. This amazing and hilarious story, told by the filmmakers' parents, is lovingly animated by hand and brings to life a family legend that has rem...

Last Trial - A Star Wars Collateral Story

18 years after the great Jedi purge and the rise of the galactic empire, a lost padawan acting as a rebel spy and a rookie stormtrooper face the hardest and most important trial of their lives whilst surrounded by a storm of smoke, fire and thousands of blaster bolts.Last Trial is a nonprofit unoffi...

Mission Asclepios

A group of young space enthusiasts from all over the world decides to simulate a mission to the moon in a vast underground complex in Switzerland. An old military fortress which, with its long tunnels dug into the rock, recalls the lunar subsoil.

One Small Step

Space exploration is a big leap into the unknown.

Opals in the Sky

Astronaut has a conversation with her on board computer as the ship shuts down.


Brazilian mission commander Sam struggles with establishing a stable connection from earth to his lover. German scientist Joy explores planet Kepler 452b at her research facility for Alchemy Plasma, a revolutionary energy source. Their long-distance relationship faces doom, when alien Dardesh invade...

Pinwheel Horizon

On a barren planet, three elite warriors learn their final confrontation- a gang of 40- is waiting for them nearby.

Red Earth

'Red Earth opens up a magic theater of ideas, writ very very large... courageous camerawork mobilizing a zero-gravity matrix of environmental (no-)futures and post-planetary angst... Koszulinski's epic allegory parlays astonishing cinematography, future "testimonials," and resonant tropes from sci-f...


Resource without recourse is the creation of extinction. Change cannot be sustained without action, intention is merely a fraction of transformation. Source is our breath, and depletion inescapable.


After receiving a coded transmission from extraterrestrial life, Amos embarks to fulfill a life long dream, only it doesn't go the way he thinks. English Subtitled Version Available Upon Request

Scrum Wars • Episode 1: A New Sprint

Ha’nah Bilbraxia-Stevens gets a crash course in Imperial Agile on her first day as project manager for the galactically past-deadline Death Star. She quickly learns that design critiques can turn deadly when the interim scrum master is the Dark Lord of the Sith.


A robot after working for years in a factory and being repaired and replaced bit by bit realizes that he doesn't want to loose his identity and sets out to find his creator.

Sounds of Life

Ned escapes social struggles by imagining himself as a spaceship pilot, but must confront reality and find the strength to navigate his social life, accompanied by his teddy bear companion Rippy, on his journey toward self-discovery.

Space Case Cadets

Two young space cadets yearn to pilot a spaceship. But their curiosity gets the better of them.

Spaced Out

A young woman who struggles to be present takes her dog for a walk and gains an unforeseen new perspective along the way.


While on a mysterious planet collecting minerals, a busy astronaut and her curious dog find themselves in big trouble.

Spaghetti Junction

An atmospheric tale blurring fantasy and reality to tell the story of August, a recently disabled teenager in America’s deep south. One night August sees a flash in the sky and begins having strange dreams that beckon her to a cave in the woods. Here she encounters a mysterious injured boy called ...


Bugs, a farmer kid who has ended up alone after the end of the world, after years waiting for signs of life from other survivors, encounters an extraterrestrial cosmonaut lost on earth. While Bugs helps him repair his spaceship he grows fond to the alien to the point of trying to retain him on earth...

Super Beef

Super Beef is the story of Hondo, a drug abusing, heavy drinking, narcoleptic who only


A vagabond father and daughter duo who often find work as stringers must travel to New Mexico to investigate and record unusual atmospheric events. Each is faced with the developing circumstances of an extraterrestrial event that could divide them forever.

The Black Sphere

While dealing with the loss of a loved one, a young man named Tyler is suddenly tasked with helping an alien, who has psychic powers, find his spaceship. Their journey is met with surprising moments of wholesome bonding, but also with sudden moments of brutality. As Tyler realizes what he must do to...

The Breakaway

In a world rebuilt on paranoia, government enforced brain link systems surveil their every move. Marianne must maintain the status quo while Ben looks to challenge all that they know.

The Deep Love

He gave up every inch of his skin and every organ and became a robot just to be with her forever.The planetary collision impacted the "coordination", and the spacecraft failure was intentional by the bionic man playing the role of human. After testing, ship steward and bionic man Xi'an identified th...

The Green Planet

An interdimensional traveler visits a flourishing green planet abundant with strange life. The Green Planet demonstrates the capabilities of a newly developed process of AI video generation. This process, called AI Composite Animation, makes it possible to tell narrative stories with AI generated vi...

The Last Liftoff

An astronaut, with an impending mission on the horizon, tries to reconnect with his teenage daughter before it's too late.

The Other Side

When 1500s Italian Renaissance Aliens arrive in the quiet 1960s town of Summerset, helpless scientist Jim Olen decides to house them from his boss, General McCourt, to save them from destruction. Through all of the chaos, the aliens find their place on Earth amongst the town of Summerset and its peo...

THE SIGNAL - CASE #CE2-09031996-252

Two men find themselves being interrogated by a mysterious man in black after an other worldly encounter leads to the mysterious death of their friend and sister.

The Space Between Us

A lonely spaceman's desire for company may be fulfilled when a mysterious ship arrives at his space station.

The UFO Movie THEY Don't Want You to See

In an age when misinformation, alternative facts, and conspiracy theories have become mainstream, UFOs have risen to become one of the most-talked about pop culture phenomena. With all of this noise, how can we expect anyone to know how much of this is true? What is in our skies? What do we know, an...

Trees, Birds, Rocks

Two friends share drinks in a quiet rural community where nothing much happens. Until a Story about an alien encounter takes place that may or may not be true.

Unidentified Female Object

A psychology student discovers that her dance therapy class is a cover for an alien abduction support group. Aurora must piece together the missing clues of her mother’s disappearance before she falls too far down the rabbit hole.


When a burnt-out dishwasher tumbles into a labyrinth of despair, he must overcome his fear of change or else succumb to a life of mundanity forever.

Yellow Dove Aftermath

The surreal experiences of Yellow Dove in his bunker within the world of Hour Blue