a tree once grew here

“A Tree Once Grew Here” combines captivating visuals, animation, and artificial intelligence derived imagery, to tell a tale that transcends language. We are reminded that we must rebalance harmony and nurture our planet; because we can no longer afford not to.  


In an abstrusely dystopian future, a man wants to go back to his family. But bypassing the latest system becomes a near impossible journey


In a dystopian world, a coal-burning robot working on a mine one day finds something that he has never seen before - a dandelion.


Set in the not too distant future, two agents are sent back in time to stop an outbreak that has devastated their world. Will they succeed and what consequences will their intervention have for the timeline from which they came. . .


An undocumented scientist and his son try to stop an environmental disaster.


Three scavenger kids searching the wilderness for scraps in the distant future, stumble upon a hidden treasure from the distant past.


A soldier from a dystopian timeline is sent back on a mission to prevent the creation of robots who took control and destroyed his world. When he returns to 2015 and meets Anna Rubinson, the inventor of said robots, he must overcome the difficulty of experiencing emotion and human bond to complete h...

Lost Cos

Haunted by her tortured childhood and the violent loss of the great love of her life, troubled dental assistant Eni finds escape in Los Cos, a mysterious underground club where cosplay and burlesque intertwine and heroes and villains blur the line between fantasy and reality. But when a cosplayer dr...


An advanced AI ushers in world peace by giving everyone their very own virtual paradise called, “Lyfe”. But after experiencing everything Lyfe has to offer, Paul decides to delete his account and return to reality. The AI, portrayed as a puppet in suit and tie, refuses to send Paul back to reali...


In a city ruled by Orcs, Elves, and Men, the last of a band of sisters risk all for the life of one of their own.

Once upon a time in the future: 2121

In the future, the earth becomes uninhabitable due to climate crisis and famine. The few survivors form colonies and start to live in underground blocks. According to The Scarcity Laws of the Young Administration which controls this system, old generations must be destroyed in exchange for new lives...

Red Earth

'Red Earth opens up a magic theater of ideas, writ very very large... courageous camerawork mobilizing a zero-gravity matrix of environmental (no-)futures and post-planetary angst... Koszulinski's epic allegory parlays astonishing cinematography, future "testimonials," and resonant tropes from sci-f...


A post-apocalyptic, sci-fi drama about the last man on earth. Jason employs holographic tech to recreate a special memory with his partner, Brian. But, to rebuild his old world, he must connect all of the pieces.


In a post apocalyptic, near future world, a man recruits the help of an old friend to complete a heist before an exotic drug he just took kicks in.

Spa Sybarite

The World health organization states that “Although it is unequivocal that climate change affects human health, it remains challenging to accurately estimate the scale and impact of many climate-sensitive health risks. In the short- to medium-term, the health impacts of climate change will be dete...

The Dark Odyssey 2 - Ice Nexus

A skeptical astronaut discovers a lost spaceship and gets tangled up in a dangerous journey to a mythical space-time portal, the Ice Nexus, in search of the Inventory of the Mind, essential knowledge for ending the Eternal War.

The Miners

In the not too distant future- where America’s era of technological unemployment is ending- a proud, fourth-generation miner’s search for her father leads to an unexpected truth that forces her to question her morals and her purpose. 

To Err

200 years after humanity’s extinction, an android longs for a nostalgia it can never experience.


Deep in the research laboratory of Triple Hills Pharma, an accidental discovery could save the lives of millions, unless it kills profits.

Yellow Dove Aftermath

The surreal experiences of Yellow Dove in his bunker within the world of Hour Blue

Zero Method

It's 2082, and a renegade chrono-refugee joins a cult of rogue time travelers, risking everything in a desperate attempt to break the prime rule of time travel that separates him from his old life; going to the future is permanent, but travel to the past is only temporary.


In the covert realm of Earth's shadows, Zib is a lethal assassin bound to three enigmatic Men in Black who control Earth from behind the scenes. They grant him immortality through "The Quasar," a mysterious relic, but the cost is the gradual fading of his humanity. In the exhilarating sci-fi/fantasy...

Zone 234

A young woman, Zsofi is desperately longing to be in a real relationship as society doesn’t accept singles anymore, separating them from established couples into the red Zone 234. Finding a true match in this world however is only possible at the Dream Couple’s Factory invented by Dr. Gideon's ...