A Luminaries Story

Von Martius is a geologist and amateur filmmaker who joins two local documentarists in their journey to a cave complex called Caverna da Lua (Cave of the Moon), near the small town of Luminárias in Brazil. Upon their arrival they learn about an ancient indigenous legend regarding the cave and the s...

a tree once grew here

“A Tree Once Grew Here” combines captivating visuals, animation, and artificial intelligence derived imagery, to tell a tale that transcends language. We are reminded that we must rebalance harmony and nurture our planet; because we can no longer afford not to.  

Archive & The Storyteller

On the brink of human extinction, a young couple struggles to secure a spot on the ‘Archive.’

As Seen On TV

As the world outside collapses, a lonely inventor whiles away in his dim workshop creating small gadgets to trade for canned goods up above. His only respite is watching old films and cartoons on his television in his basement hovel. As the broadcasts on his TV become more and more infrequent, and t...


Farmers, John and Betty, can sense something’s not quite right on their farm in New York’s Wallkill River Valley. They are disturbed to discover their beloved cow has been mutilated and their crops wrecked again - all while someone (or something) stalks them just out of reach. On a hot night, wh...


In an abstrusely dystopian future, a man wants to go back to his family. But bypassing the latest system becomes a near impossible journey


Before starring as Timothy McVeigh in Showtime's 2023 series Waco: The Aftermath, Alex Breaux shares the screen with series lead Kiowa Gordon from AMC's hit show Dark Winds in this award winning indie thriller.In the future, every U.S. citizen has the right to own one clone of themself. Clones have ...


EXELCIA and ANGLE love each other even If they do not know it yet, Ben their owner mistreats ANGLE, his Al (artificial intelligence) daily, which acts as his personal assistant, while he always has a kind word for the sophisticated EXELCIA.Internet of Things with "Connected", in Ben's house, gives l...


Two convicts in an orbital prison are doing what they usually do, which is to say, not much.Suddenly, two panicked guards armed to the teeth burst into their cell.The guards tell them that the orbital prison has just been invaded by blood-thirsty zombie-type creatures.If they want to survive, their ...


Story summary: Human beings are forced to transfer due to various reasons, focusing on the final plan to go to the mechanical planet. The last immigrant spacecraft went to the mechanical planet. When it arrived, the alien “satellite” had reached the end of its service life. The self-destruct pro...


Earthling is a ten-minute animated documentary about Jack Weiner, a grown man whose entire life has been shaped by being abducted by aliens when he was young, a life story nobody believes. In the summer of 1976, Jack Weiner, along with his twin brother Jim, and two friends went camping in Maine’s...

Found In Time

Chris is a psychic "collector" - he picks up objects that the rest of us discard. Everything he finds will have a use for someone in their future. His gift comes with a big downside, however - he "slips" time, moving uncontrollably between the past, future and present. When he commits a murder in...


A man stands up to defeat the monster that lives in a girl's heart...


Set in the not too distant future, two agents are sent back in time to stop an outbreak that has devastated their world. Will they succeed and what consequences will their intervention have for the timeline from which they came. . .


The background of the stop-motion animation short film Innermost is set in the future featured by highly advanced technologies but collapsed society and civilization system. The cyberpunk-style science fiction world coexists fantastically with the traditional oriental martial arts world. The story f...


An undocumented scientist and his son try to stop an environmental disaster.

It Was Up There

The true story of a couple who are driving through an unpopulated region of the New Mexico desert when they see something unexplainable up in the night sky. This amazing and hilarious story, told by the filmmakers' parents, is lovingly animated by hand and brings to life a family legend that has rem...


In a near-future workplace where productivity ismonitored by implanted bombs, a single father must hustle non-stop to prevent his from exploding, all while keeping his youngrestless daughter at bay.

Love Possum

Ronnie's life is literally a mess, but she gets an unexpected advantage when her new dating app starts reading peoples’ minds. Despite this awesome power, she can’t tell if her crush is attracted to her or haunted by an unknown force.


In the near future, a technology allows users to store their memories and view them whenever they want.As Liam intended to record a new memory, he finds himself running out of space and must decide which one to delete. However, through this journey into his memories, Liam will have to confront deepl...

Mission Asclepios

A group of young space enthusiasts from all over the world decides to simulate a mission to the moon in a vast underground complex in Switzerland. An old military fortress which, with its long tunnels dug into the rock, recalls the lunar subsoil.


In the near future, where old people are subjected to a test for society, an investigator encounters a couple who are in no hurry to die

Once upon a time in the future: 2121

In the future, the earth becomes uninhabitable due to climate crisis and famine. The few survivors form colonies and start to live in underground blocks. According to The Scarcity Laws of the Young Administration which controls this system, old generations must be destroyed in exchange for new lives...

One Small Step

Space exploration is a big leap into the unknown.


PIECES is a sci-fi drama about a grieving mother who pushes the limits of a memory-altering software in a last resort attempt to find closure after her son’s sudden disappearance.

Post Infest

Two friends try to find love during a murder hornet infestation.


After a life-threatening emergency, Rocky is diagnosed with a rare disease which causes choking if he utters more than 280 characters a day. Meanwhile, the app-to-life date he’s been longing for is imminent…


Resource without recourse is the creation of extinction. Change cannot be sustained without action, intention is merely a fraction of transformation. Source is our breath, and depletion inescapable.


In a stale church basement, during a support group meeting we hear from the meeting’s leader of the day, Rose, who through her own past and memories reveals that this group has gotten more than they bargained for after receiving a life-saving treatment. Through REST, first-time filmmaker Joan Cass...


A post-apocalyptic, sci-fi drama about the last man on earth. Jason employs holographic tech to recreate a special memory with his partner, Brian. But, to rebuild his old world, he must connect all of the pieces.

Scrum Wars • Episode 1: A New Sprint

Ha’nah Bilbraxia-Stevens gets a crash course in Imperial Agile on her first day as project manager for the galactically past-deadline Death Star. She quickly learns that design critiques can turn deadly when the interim scrum master is the Dark Lord of the Sith.


A robot after working for years in a factory and being repaired and replaced bit by bit realizes that he doesn't want to loose his identity and sets out to find his creator.


While on a mysterious planet collecting minerals, a busy astronaut and her curious dog find themselves in big trouble.


Bugs, a farmer kid who has ended up alone after the end of the world, after years waiting for signs of life from other survivors, encounters an extraterrestrial cosmonaut lost on earth. While Bugs helps him repair his spaceship he grows fond to the alien to the point of trying to retain him on earth...


Superposition: a temporal anomaly in which two paradoxical eventualities co-exist. In other words, time is relative.

The Black Sphere

While dealing with the loss of a loved one, a young man named Tyler is suddenly tasked with helping an alien, who has psychic powers, find his spaceship. Their journey is met with surprising moments of wholesome bonding, but also with sudden moments of brutality. As Tyler realizes what he must do to...

The Dark Odyssey 2 - Ice Nexus

A skeptical astronaut discovers a lost spaceship and gets tangled up in a dangerous journey to a mythical space-time portal, the Ice Nexus, in search of the Inventory of the Mind, essential knowledge for ending the Eternal War.

The Founder Effect

When a young boy goes missing in the town of Hope, his grandfather must grapple with their family history and navigate mysterious phenomena as he sets out on a quest of conscience to save his grandson from the shadows. A perfect family getaway is suddenly upended when a policeman’s grandson disapp...

The Grand View

A dying man in his death bed is interrogated by a system over the murder of an unsolved case that happened years before.

The Miners

In the not too distant future- where America’s era of technological unemployment is ending- a proud, fourth-generation miner’s search for her father leads to an unexpected truth that forces her to question her morals and her purpose. 

The Orb

A suburban couple clash over a mysterious product.

The Other Side

When 1500s Italian Renaissance Aliens arrive in the quiet 1960s town of Summerset, helpless scientist Jim Olen decides to house them from his boss, General McCourt, to save them from destruction. Through all of the chaos, the aliens find their place on Earth amongst the town of Summerset and its peo...

The Space Between Us

A lonely spaceman's desire for company may be fulfilled when a mysterious ship arrives at his space station.

The UFO Movie THEY Don't Want You to See

In an age when misinformation, alternative facts, and conspiracy theories have become mainstream, UFOs have risen to become one of the most-talked about pop culture phenomena. With all of this noise, how can we expect anyone to know how much of this is true? What is in our skies? What do we know, an...

Turing Test

In an interview with an AI, testing its development, the boundaries between human and tech-made consciousness are questioned.

Unidentified Female Object

A psychology student discovers that her dance therapy class is a cover for an alien abduction support group. Aurora must piece together the missing clues of her mother’s disappearance before she falls too far down the rabbit hole.


When a burnt-out dishwasher tumbles into a labyrinth of despair, he must overcome his fear of change or else succumb to a life of mundanity forever.