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Till the End of the World

Runtime: 0:13:33Country: Japan

The Earth has been invaded by extraterrestrial biological entities that possess much more intelligence than humans. They send "Domes" to replace our lands with theirs. At this point, we have almost nothing to do with the "Domes" but run away from them and wait for the end of our world. Soh Tokita is a retired high school teacher who has joined the UN force dedicated to maintain order of the world. But his wife, Misaki, who once was his student has not been able to accept the reality that the world has gone to ruin. She has kept living in her own beautiful memories and a fictional ordinary life. All Tokita could do was watch over her, acting like nothing is going on.

Directed By Keishi Suenaga

Hiroyuki Watanabe
Misao Moriya

Chiaki Kawahito - Writer
Keishi Suenaga - Producer

Runtime: 0:13:33
Country: Japan
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Keishi Suenaga