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The Sixth Borough - Episode 7


Rocket Man and the Phantom Baron

Directed by Wade Chitwood

The United States has been attacked by rebel Prussians with a giant warring airship. The US high command called upon Rocket Man; a brilliant, yet somewhat dim, heroic mercenary, to infiltrate the rogue Prussian high command, destroy the fortress.


Directed by Bruno Gradaschi

A world where everyone lives in the work stations and eats liquid food coming from dispensers. Workers that are only numbers fulfill incomprehensible and alienating tasks to earn points and reach a target to move up the chain and access a better life.


Directed by Emre Okten, Scott Kelley

AWAY takes place in a distant post-apocalyptic future where the main character "The Traveler" is a young woman who's trying to survive by scavenging food and supplies as she wanders between a burnt forest and the almost "ghost city" she lives in.