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The Martyr & The Stolen Talisman

Runtime: 0:16:27Country: United States

On the Server of Gazon, in a cycle of samsara, Neo-Princess Hyacinth is birthed with the Legendary Black Diamond. The two work together as a beacon, radiating empyreal peace and light across the grid; but while her talisman was created for good, some under the simulated firmament seek to wield it for evil. The Princess' guardians, Rhododendron and Amaranth, awaken to protect her during the dark times between the end and the beginning of her life cycles. But are their forces strong enough to protect the Princess from the evil Oleander and his friend Foxgloves who seek to take control of the simulation?

Directed By Cameron Lackey

Cameron Lackey - Writer
Cameron Lackey - Producer

Runtime: 0:16:27
Country: United States
Student Project: Yes
Submitter Name: Cameron Lackey