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Son Land

Runtime: 0:11:38Country: Not Specified

An unscrupulous soldier, down on his luck, keeps watch at a top-secret government facility. As he searches for answers about the mysterious threat to his remote, desert outpost, he discovers he is not alone. The arrival of a strange visitor sends him on a journey through time and space.

Directed By Zachariah Z Satriani

Jackson Goldberg
Gabe Ruimy
ZZ Satriani
Kelly Wourms

ZZ Satriani - Writer
Jackson Goldberg - Writer
Gabe Ruimy - Writer
ZZ Satriani - Producer
Jackson Goldberg - Producer
Gabe Ruimy - Producer

Runtime: 0:11:38
Country: Not Specified
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: ZZ Satriani