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Runtime: 0:09:35Country: United States

Sleepwalker is a sci-fi film about two brothers, Jackson and Sammy, who run an illicit body-swapping clinic. Clients are able to rent out Jackson’s young body to live out their wildest fantasies of sex and violence without facing the repercussions. Meanwhile, Jackson’s wheelchair-bound twin brother, Sammy, orchestrates the whole operation from the facility. When the pair gets tied into a plot to avenge a hit-and-run, Sammy and Jackson’s brotherly bond gets pushed to the very limit.

Directed By Sam Slavkin

Charlie Robinson
Peter Gold
Braxton Hale

Sam Slavkin - Writer
Peter Gold - Producer
Haley Murphy - Producer

Runtime: 0:09:35
Country: United States
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Peter Gold