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Rocket Man and the Phantom Baron

Runtime: 0:08:45Country: United States

The United States has been attacked by rebel Prussians with a giant warring airship. The US high command called upon Rocket Man; a brilliant, yet somewhat dim, heroic mercenary, to infiltrate the rogue Prussian high command, destroy the fortress. Chapter six: Rocket Man and the Phantom Baron, Rocket Man has been captured and tied to a Uranium Bomb! In a last ditch effort to rescue Rocket Man and save Washington DC from destruction, Aerial Operative, Jenny Gibson was launched in an aerial torpedo to shoot down the menacing airship. Will Jenny be in time to save the world? Find Out! The Adventures of Rocket Man is a "Steampunk lite" action-comedy that spoofs the 1930s Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, 1960s action sitcoms, and the stories of Jules Verne, Frank Reade, and HG Wells.

Directed By Wade Chitwood

Rob Mullin
Jenny Littlefield
Ben Andrews
George N. Bukota
Tonya M. Skoog
Kevin Janusz
Rick Lewis
Tony Graham

Michael Korolenko - Writer
Wade Chitwood - Writer
Rob Mullin - Writer
Wade Chitwood - Producer
Michael Korolenko - Producer
Rob Mullin - Producer

Runtime: 0:08:45
Country: United States
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Wade Chitwood