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Runtime: 0:17:17Country: Canada

An experimental space ship (2039) fails in its test and blasts three test astronauts into a universe thousands of light-years from Earth. Whilst pillaging and plundering this distant universe a pirate suddenly has the company of the three astronauts. Through the mysterious powers of an amulet, the pirate discovers that one of the astronauts is related to her family and holds a missing part of the amulet. When joined its power will bring fortune to the family.

Directed By Barry Jesse Smith, Rose Hough

Laura Kelsey
Rose Hough
Lina Janeski

Jo-Anne Johnson - Writer
Barry Jesse Smith - Writer
Barry Jesse Smith - Producer
Hazel Deverell - Producer
Brian Morelan - Producer

Runtime: 0:17:17
Country: Canada
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Barry Jesse Smith