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Markus Knight

Runtime: 0:07:30Country: United States

In a city that has a history of police brutality and a society being torn apart by racism and bigotry, a new hero story emerges. While hiding his supernatural abilities, Markus learns quickly that the real world isn’t like the comics he reads. Markus is a young boy from the south side, learning to survive the stresses and dangers of everyday life growing up in the city, with only the memories of his father’s advice to lead the way. This project has been created to share not only a powerful origin story, but to also shine a light on the brutal, inhumane policing happening in America against Black people. Our film is seeking a World Premiere.

Directed By Matty Steinkamp

Kash Cole
Kelil Cole
Craig Matthew
Zalamar "ZeeDub" Davis
Cory Hill
Shomriyah Tabares

Kash Cole - Writer
Matty Steinkamp - Producer
Tracy Perkins - Producer

Runtime: 0:07:30
Country: United States
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Matty Steinkamp