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Runtime: 01:11:00Country: United States

LOGLINE: A scientist battles an otherworldly Lunamancer for the soul of his sister, armed only with his faith and a crowbar. Dr. Issac Blake returns to post-industrial upstate New York after sensing a psychic break with his estranged twin sister. He steals a car, acquires a crowbar and forces his way into her house - but she's not there. All that remains are strange echoes from the place where she's trapped. He traces these resonances to a Lunamancer able to draw power from the moon to shift reality around him. Issac must cross over the spectral realm to pry her soul free from the Lunamancer - no matter how many crowbars it takes.

Directed By Noah Mucci

Jake Pirkkanen
Nicki Clyne
Nick Denning
Cliff Tullis

Noah Mucci - Writer
Matt Patterson - Writer
Matt Patterson - Producer
Pattrick Haris - Producer

Runtime: 01:11:00
Country: United States
Country of Filming: United States
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Matt Patterson