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Lockdown - The Doctor Who Fans' Survival Guide

Runtime: 0:46:00Country: United Kingdom

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a call went out to fans of the BBCtv science fiction series DOCTOR WHO to film personal videos of how they coped with being confined in their homes for months on end. Shot on mobile phones, laptops, tablets and cameras …anything they could lay their hands on … the following film is the result. It's an inspiring tale of the indomitable human spirit - all wrapped up in some utterly unique stories and videos! Prepare to be amazed! So hang on to your facemasks … as we go on a worldwide tour to learn about the incredible ways Doctor Who fans’ survived lockdown!!! This production is respectfully dedicated to all who suffered pain, grief and loss.

Directed By Roger Christopher Stevens

Sophie Aldred

Roger Christopher Stevens - Writer
Keith Edward Barnfather - Producer

Runtime: 0:46:00
Country: United Kingdom
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Keith Barnfather