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Left unsaid

Runtime: 17:00:00Country: Japan

On their wedding day, father Tokuichi and mother Kazue attend the wedding of their daughter Naomi. However, their daughter, who is in a marriage blues, suddenly disappears. However, the daughter suddenly disappears. The two remaining attendees reminisce about their wedding, but there is something that Kazue can't remember. It seems that the key lies with Tokuichi. ...... Then, Kazue discovers a mysterious flying object floating in the sky in the distance.

Directed By Tomofumi Hasegawa

Takehiko Fujita
Harumi Shuhama
Konomi Kukitsu
Keita Taguchi

Runtime: 17:00:00
Country: Japan
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: 実行委員会 事務局 神保町映画祭