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Horror Derves: What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stranger

Runtime: 0:30:45Country: United States

The first in an anthology series of comedic takes on different horror sub-genres and iconic directorial styles, this episode of HORROR DERVES answers the question, "I wonder what E.T. would be like as a zombie movie?" Well, this is what E.T. would be like as a zombie movie filmed on an iPhone by 2 comedians on a $2,000 budget over six days in New Jersey. xoxo eat ur brains out

Directed By Haleyna Kociuk-Garza, Destiny Dunkle

Haleyna Kociuk-Garza
Destiny Dunkle
Pat Barry
John Banzer
Clayton Smith
Sam Hall
Andrew Harms
John Stamos

Haleyna Kociuk-Garza - Writer
Destiny Dunkle - Writer
Haleyna Kociuk-Garza - Producer
Destiny Dunkle - Producer

Runtime: 0:30:45
Country: United States
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Haleyna Kociuk-Garza