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Group Think (Brain Bug)

Runtime: 0:01:33Country: Australia

A short film vignette sequence featuring VFX, where we open on a morning breakfast setting and featuring one actor (male short cut hair adult). The actor interacts with a toaster and there is a sync/synergy of the toaster and actor for the ensuing VFX sequence as the 'brain bug' is revealed. The toaster is symbolic of the inundating brainwashing force subjected to victims of 'herd conformity'. The film thematically explores the collective 'group think' conformity of our digital era paradigm using the brain-bug to metaphorically show how we have lost our independence via the ghost written rules of social media and the associated rules of conduct preached to us subliminally and more overtly as so much spam so that often we might feel inundated with non stop data stream into our grey matter to the point where we fall back overwhelmed as our thoughts run riot and our mind (brain bug) escapes us or indeed we lower our heads unwittingly and subserviently for the guillotine lobotomy of free expression.

Directed By Lars Magnus Holmgren

Ian Johnson

Lars Magnus Holmgren - Writer
Lars Magnus Holmgren - Producer

Runtime: 0:01:33
Country: Australia
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Lars Holmgren