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Girl in the Galactic Sun

Runtime: 0:10:45Country: Canada

The Gemini are a genderless alien species who have discovered they’ll become extinct if they don’t find a way to reproduce. After years of searching they encountered humans and their reproductive method, this in addition to their Gemini similarities has brought them hope. However, the female metamorphosis from Gemini to human has not been successful due to the overwhelming mental trauma a woman must endure. Gemini 944 is unique among the Gemini, its strong will and empathy makes it the best candidate to successfully transition into a woman. G944 arrives to the Galactic Sun Facility unaware of the risks, but her desperation to understand what it is to feel like a woman leads her down a dangerous path.

Directed By Heather Perluzzo

Hannah Henney
Cassandra Naud

Heather Perluzzo - Writer
Erika Sol Lopez - Producer

Runtime: 0:10:45
Country: Canada
Student Project: Yes
Submitter Name: Heather Perluzzo