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Runtime: 0:14:05Country: Australia

Eric and Cate live and work on Mars and must fulfil their contract to the all-powerful Erasure Institute. Technology tracks their every word and action, while a mysterious humanoid voice directs their movements. Cate, increasingly haunted by inexplicable memories, longs to return to Earth. Eric struggles to support her through her inner turmoil. The Erasure Institute promises to remove pain and suffering through a painless but permanent procedure, which is “encouraged and sometimes enforced.” Eric is disturbed by an encounter with a woman whose dying words are “don’t erase me”. He begins to suspect that erasure has a darker side. At the same time, Cate is grasping for a lifeline to free her from her mental torment and return her to Earth. Cate begins to believe that voluntary erasure is her only way out. Can love be erased?

Directed By Gabriela Loza

Johnny Light
Lauren Orrell
Aria Newton
Mary Regan
Lisa Bailey
Robert Lee
Nick O'Rourke
Eugene Raggio

Gabriela Loza - Writer
Gabriela Loza - Producer
Ruth Sligo - Producer
Harriet McKern - Producer

Runtime: 0:14:05
Country: Australia
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Gabriela Loza