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Runtime: 0:02:32Country: United States

The main character encountered bullies in real life and did not fight back. At the moment, “Superego”, the operator of moral rules in her mind, is predominant, which leads to a power decrease of her opposite, “Id”. “Id”, the operator of primary impulses, needs to regain her power, so she pops up and takes charge when the main character is bullied again. The two of them fight against each other when “Superego” finds out that “Id” is revenging by threatening the bullies’ lives, and “Id” insists in doing so. The glass window that divides them is smashed, and the two of them merge. A new identity is given to the main character - despite of being herself, she is also “Ego”, the operator who balances between “Superego” and “Id”.

Directed By Lya Chen

Lya Chen - Writer

Runtime: 0:02:32
Country: United States
Student Project: Yes
Submitter Name: Lya Chen