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earth is home

Runtime: 0:07:58Country: Tunisia

Coronavirus has spread around the world until the period of global quarantine that allowed people around the world to stay at home and then go back in time 1920 about the forgotten Spanish flu whose victims were most affected by COVID-19 in the end we learned that the coronavirus has no limits in Our world, Earth is becoming less polluted and we need to protect it because Earth is our home.

Directed By noomen noomen

Abby Smith
Alvin Tsang
Maryam Karimian
Dinara Kasimova
Maja Stojic
Youssef Frikha

noomen noomen - Writer
high school audiovisual and cinema (ESAC) - Producer

Runtime: 0:07:58
Country: Tunisia
Student Project: Yes
Submitter Name: Nüman Noomén