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Drawn Like Moths

Runtime: 1:43:26Country: United States

Drawn Like Moths is a self-funded full length feature filmed entirely in Washington state by first time filmmaker Joe Fredrickson. This sci-fi thriller follows friends on a camping trip that ends up being more trip than camping.

Directed By Joe Fredrickson

Alina Chop
Zez Nkasu
Tim Jordan
Marcee Mickelle
Alex Stout
Nickolas Kieper
Abie Ekenezar
M'Kayla Silva
Darryl Robert Small
Katy Bab
Mandi Wickline
Shannon Erickson
Dexter Morgenstern
Christina Fuller
Gina Kessler
Wes Miles
Bradford Fredrickson
Tony Gasperetti
Colton Geil

Joe Fredrickson - Writer
Joe Fredrickson - Producer
Tony Gasperetti - Producer
Alex Stout - Producer
Marcee Mickelle - Producer
Thomas Fredrickson - Producer

Runtime: 1:43:26
Country: United States
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Joe Fredrickson