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Runtime: 0:18:14Country: United States

A rookie scientist at a stem cell research institute witnesses abnormal activity from a mouse which has been administered a developing drug at the laboratory. The mouse has become extremely ferocious and injures him by biting him in the hand. Although the mouse is destroyed and discarded according to the supervisor’s orders, he feels something is wrong when the supervisor and his colleagues dismiss the incident and stubbornly refuse to investigate the cause of the abnormal behavior. Although he raises concern about the safety of the product to human bodies, the supervisor keeps denying it while claiming that there’s no defect in their research, whose goal is to create human happiness. It’s clear there’s a hidden agenda with dire consequences for him and humanity.

Directed By Nobuhiro Futaki

Satoshi Deleanu
Brandon DeSpain
Ronan Colfer
Satori Fukuzumi

Nobuhiro Futaki - Writer
Sara Girmay - Producer

Runtime: 0:18:14
Country: United States
Student Project: Yes
Submitter Name: Nobuhiro Futaki