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A Mother of No Destination

Runtime: 1:05:32Country: United States

A Mother Of No Destination is an American Science Fiction thriller directed by Michele Plunkett. It is a film adaptation of present world consequences turned futuristic. The story is based on a government and wealthy elite cover up of a world ending event. Upon planetary demise, All skilled laborer's turned slave under the rule of the wealthy elite and the president as a head of its corporation to sustain all living functions..

Directed By Michele A Plunkett

Zakariya Narowski
Linda Rivera
Keri Marie Carlson
Aimee Malasankas
Clark D Hurlburt
Dejan Petrovic
Laurie Grieder
Christina N Muniz
Charles Rosenay
Deirdre O'Neill
Vincent L Curcio Jr
Tony Sciarra
Alice Phelan
Nelson Vazquez

Michele A Plunkett - Writer
Michele A Plunkett - Producer

Runtime: 1:05:32
Country: United States
Student Project: No
Submitter Name: Michele Plunkett